On- Site Chair Massage for Companies and Organisations


On-site chair massage - also known as seated massage - is a treatment best suited for the workplace, featuring a seated massage performed on an ergonomically portable massage chair designed to take the weight off the spine. The massage chair can be set up in any location within the workplace and is aimed to give easy access to the head, neck, back, shoulders and arms.

On-site chair massage is oil and cream free and the client remains fully clothed at all times. It involves the therapist providing a 20 - 30 minutes combination of massage and acupressure techniques on the back, neck, shoulders, and arms of the person. This massage modality is frequently utilised at events, corporate settings, and exhibitions.

Statistics have proven that organisations that provide this kind of benefit to its employees can enjoy great results in productivity, staff mental health, and wellbeing. These are just some examples of the benefits to the working environment.

• Revitalises office personnel
• Improves productivity
• Alleviates and offsets occupational hazards of a sedentary occupation.
• Provides power breaks during high stress meetings.
• Provides a motivational tool to compensate for, and facilitate extended working hours.
• Reduces employee absenteeism
• Improves general office and interpersonal dynamics.
• Provides a means of de-stressing before leaving the office

Health benefits of On-site chair massage:

• Reduces stress.
• Decreases anxiety & depression.
• Relieves muscle tension & pain.
• Improves quality & duration of sleep.
• Relieves headaches.
• Lowers blood pressure.
• Prevents repetitive stress injuries.
• Increases immune function.

Schedule a mobile massage and improve employee performance at your workplace . Just suggest chair massage to your manager or HR department. Consider having a chair massage therapist at your next event or party, or even plan a pamper evening and enjoy the indulgence of chair massage in the comforts of your home.

Please contact me first for availability.

Please contact me first for availability.

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