A Brief History of Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian concept of working with the mana (life force) of the body, mind, and soul of an individual. Lomi massage was traditionally performed by the
Ka Hunas (Hawaiian Shamans) to create harmony and flow to a person being during times of
important changes.

In Hawaiian tradition, it was usually the grandmother (the reverend of the family) who would be
the person to perform Lomi Lomi, so different variations of the massage would become evident
as the knowledge was passed down by word of mouth through the female line of the family.

This massage is known under a variety of names such as loving hands massage, the Ka Huna
massage, aloha massage, or Hawaiian shaman massage but essentially, they are all based on
the same movements and principles.

The Ka Huna priests knew that there were special ways to release and unblock the energies of
the body so that physical, mental and emotional healing could take place effectively.
The massage mimics the ebb and flow of the ocean and is a journey for inner wellbeing.

The massage is essentially a healing experience and for this to take place the intention of love
is held by the practitioner throughout the treatment. This is the foundation of Lomi Lomi.

In Hawaiian, 'lomi lomi' translates to 'rub rub' - and this is exactly what a lomi lomi massage involves. Using long, gentle strokes, the massage therapist will use their hands and forearms to relax your muscles and promote blood circulation throughout your body.

Practical expertise, intuitive perception and empathic touch. These are the qualities I most prize and seek to embody in my practise.

Lomi Lomi requires a specific and practised technique, but the range of motion it incorporates allows me to bring to bear each of the three aspects I have described:

Identifying areas of tension and accumulated stress, applying the requisite pressure to release it and then using a mixture of strokes to ease mind, body and spirit back in to balance.

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