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Roy Rodríguez

Roy Rodríguez

Welcome to Healing Hands Massage, London's premier oasis for personalized massage therapy.

After transitioning from the corporate world, I decided to pursue massage therapy to follow my passion for health, wellness, and helping others. I am a fully licensed therapist with ITEC level 3 certification with over 2 years of experience. I employ a range of techniques, from the calming strokes of Swedish massage, the restorative pressures of deep tissue work, the therapeutic touch of Table Thai massage, to the gentle strokes and energy transfer of Lomi Lomi holistic massage. Catering to your unique needs and preferences, I am committed to transforming your stress into tranquillity and enhancing your overall well-being.

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I recently had the pleasure to experience a deep tissue massage with Roy. He is a highly skilled, caring and attentive therapist. His technique and strokes were exactly what I needed to relieve the tension I've been building up in my back. Roy effectively targeted knots and tight areas, using just the right amount of pressure. Despite the intensity of the massage, I felt relaxed and contained throughout the entire session. I’ve now noticed a significant improvement in my muscle flexibility and reduction of lower back pain which has helped me to get back to my routine. I would highly recommend Roy; his nature, skill and a tranquil environment made for a truly enjoyable and therapeutic experience. Luis Herrero. 13/05/2024

"Sometimes, moments leave me speechless. Words can fall short when describing certain experiences. It's been a couple of days since I received a massage treatment from Roy Rodriguez and his Healing Hands which has given me time to find words that can attempt to convey what it was like.
I believe that massage, for the most part, is a conversation—a physical conversation between the therapist and the client. Very gifted masseurs like Roy take it to the next level. During my session, I discovered that this conversation extended beyond that my previous understanding; it became a conversation with myself. Knots of tension became opportunities for me to recognize, understand, and release. I felt a very personal and raw moment of reflection. I now realize how valuable it is to take time for these moments, these conversations with myself, amidst life's hustle. I cannot thank Roy enough for facilitating this experience. I highly recommend him." Chris Jarman. 18/01/2024

"I wasn’t expecting much from my massage. Just a chance to relax. I have received a lot of massages in my time: Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu and acupressure. I don’t recall any of them having the effect that Roy’s has.
My main problem is an old injury, two injuries actually in my left arm: shoulder rotator and elbow, that have left me with a dull, constant ache in both joints and limited mobility. I mentioned this injury in the form, but only historically. Roy was able to discern its nature and its extent through a combination of eye and touch and to work on it without exacerbating my discomfort. Afterward, for the first time I can remember, the ache was gone, is still gone two days later, and the stiffness with it.
That was probably the most remarkable thing he achieved. The general effect of the massage was powerful. Through a combination of strokes firm and delicate, Roy was able to draw out tension I did not know was present and soothe the muscle. I found him to be very conscientious, checking in both verbally and through touch to gauge the level of pressure applied was comfortable. An objective eye, great judgement and an intuitive touch make Roy an excellent masseur and one I would consult in the event of any future injury, or simply to relax and replenish body and mind. S. Nugent. 23/01/2023

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